Apply for an allotment plot on a site administered by us, the Hotwells & District Allotments Association

Before doing so please read these important points:

  • We can only allocate plots to Bristol City Council Tax payers. Regretably we cannot accept applications from outside this area.
  • Cultivating an allotment plot will mean hard work, at least initially. Unless you’re very lucky, most plots on takeover will inevitably look a bit like a small jungle. The secret is to work the plot a little and often.
  • You must be prepared to commit 5 to 6 hours a week on average over the year.
  • How much will it cost? Charges currently are: Small Plot £40.00, Medium £53.00, Large £70.00 per year (1 Oct – 30 Sep). That’s about 77p per week for a small plot and we nearly always start new tenants on a small plot. The initial rental is charged pro-rata. In addition you will be asked to pay a one off charge for either a whole shed (£30.00) or a shared shed (£15.00) and a yearly subscription of £3.00 to the National Allotment Society(NAS).
  • How long will I have to wait to get a plot? Most of our sites have a slow turnover, so you may find yourself waiting up to 40 months or more.
  • The Allotment Acts as reflected in our tenancy agreement mean that you cannot use your allotment for commercial means, i.e. selling on veg/herbs and other produce etc. (Tenancy Agreement 2nd Schedule Clause 2).
  • The tenancy agreement is for one person only (the plot holder). We do not offer joint ownership of a plot.
  • During your tenancy, the plot remains the property of the Association.