Allotment Shop
Shop opening times Alderman Moores Shop is  open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.
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9. Gardening Gloves
10. Shed maintenance
7. Seasonal items Potatoes Onions Shallots Garlic 8. Watering cans
4. Ground Cover Black Plastic Weed suppressant Meshes/Netting 5. Canes 6. Tools (New & Used)
1. A range of seeds 2.Compost 3. Fertilizers Blood, Fish and Bone Growmore Lime
How to find the HwDAA Shop. The shop is located on our Alderman Moore’s site. When the shop is open, the gates to the site are always open. There is plenty of car parking and the Number 24 bus goes past the site.  This map shows were the Alderman Moore site is located just off Ashton Drive. (Takes you to the Bristol City Council website)
Our philosophy is that we are not a garden centre (but we are cheaper than most). Our aim is to stock just essential gardening items. Our top ten are:
The autumn planting onions and broad beans have arrived from Kings and are on sale in the Shop now. After such a dry and hot summer it is great to see they are in excellent condition and a good size. Notes on the varieties and how to grow them are attached. After purchase please make sure that your onions are emptied out into a tray; kept in a light, dry,  cool spot where the air can circulate and are  checked over regularly for any that might be going a bit mushy. The garlic will be in the Shop later in September when it is sent out by Kings.