About plots
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Application for plots by the members of the same family. Our policy is that each family member (including a husband and wife) may have a plot in their own right although each must separately go through the waiting list. Inheriting a plot/Helpers Only spouses or partners (regardless of gender or marital status) may inherit a plot, but not other family members. Someone who helps you on your plot, even if they’ve been doing this for a long time can’t inherit your plot.  If they want a plot of their own, then they should be encouraged to apply for a plot through the normal channels and join the waiting lists. Can I have more ground?  Perhaps  -  Due the high demand for allotments (and in common with other allotment organizations in the Bristol area), we are currently only letting Small (half a large plot) or Medium plots to new tenants.  But, if you have had a small or medium plot for at least 2 years, you can apply to the Plots Secretary for more ground.  If you have a medium plot, be aware that the only way to get a large plot is to forfeit your medium one. All tenants seeking more land would have to satisfy the Committee that:- (a)  they were making 100% and immaculate use of the current plot and  (b)  they had the necessary time and energy to, perhaps, double the work involved without recourse to assistance. N.B. - All of our waiting lists are CLOSED so the chances of getting more ground on any site at present is very unlikely.