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Here are some important reminders about insurance and personal safety on our sites. Firstly, if you drive to the allotment, please note that vehicles brought onto our allotment sites remain the full responsibility of the owner and HwDAA cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or thefts from vehicles. Do not assume that once your car is parked on site that it is safe and to reduce risks, please ensure you close the windows and lock the doors. Likewise, all personal belongings, gardening equipment, bikes etc. are the responsibility of the owner and the allotment association is not liable for claims for theft or damage. Should you need to make a claim, this must be made on your own motor or household insurance policy. You are advised to inform the loss or damage to the Police and request a Crime Reference number which you may need for any claim you make. So that we are made aware of problems, please inform your Site Rep of any such incident. Secondly, if you suffer any personal injury, however minor, while on site, it is very important that you report it using the on-line form on our website (form is on the H&S page here..) or via your Site Rep. Please ensure you are conversant with the health and safety notices that are displayed on each site, giving details of the nearest post codes should an ambulance be required. This same information is also available on the Health and Safety page of the website. If you are unsure when you last had an anti- tetanus booster jab, we advise you to check next time you visit your GP. Safe gardening! National Allotment Society now offering free personal liability insurance to all tenants.  Details here..
 National Allotment Society  now offering free personal  liability insurance to all  Tenants - see here..