General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective throughout Europe and the UK. These regulations require any organisation collecting personal data that it must inform individuals what personal data is collected, who keeps it, when it is destroyed and how you can access what data is held about you should you request it. 1. What data does HwDAA collect? Your full name, your postal address, your telephone/mobile number, your email address, and in some very few cases it is possible to determine from the data if you are in receipt of government allowances. We need this information to effectively manage the Association. 2. Who within HwDAA keeps this information? The HwDAA IT Manager keeps all the above information. The HwDAA Plot Secretary keeps all the information which was on your Tenancy Agreement. 3. When will this data be destroyed? When you leave the Association, your personal information will be destroyed after 1 year. 4. Information held. How can you find out what information HwDAA holds about you? You can simply contact the IT Manager and we will inform you. Handling email addresses and other contact information. The email address and other contact information such as mobile number we hold for you will not be used for any purpose other than HwDAA business. We will not release email addresses and other contact informaton to third parties or to other tenants without your permission. If tenants wish to contact another tenant or tenants (including committee members) and do not already hold the necessary information, communication should be established via the HwDAA website contact page. Reasons/purposes for processing information We process personal information to enable us to administer our membership records and activities including fundraising, maintaining our own accounts and records, support and manage our staff, tenants and volunteers. Google advertising This website also uses Google Analytics to generate adverts (for which the HwDAA is paid). Google’s Data safeguarding policy is shown here. The Association is Registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Reg ref: ZA026613
Data Protection
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