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INFORMATION FOR PLOT APPLICANTS Some important points about applying for one of our allotments. 1. We can only allocate plots to Bristol City Council Tax payers. Regretably we cannot accept applications from outside this area. 2. We are only taking applications for Bower Ashton and White City. See note about Bower Ashton below. 3. Cultivating an allotment plot will mean a lot of hard work, at least initially.  Unless you’re very lucky, most plots on takeover will inevitably look a bit like a small jungle.   The secret is to work the plot a little and often. (I.E Every week of the year). 4.   You   MUST   be   prepared   to   commit,   on   average   over   the   year,   5   to   6   hours   a week,   preferably   more.   So,   before   applying,   please   ask   yourself   "Have   I   got   the spare   time   and   commitment?".   We   have   been   let   down   by   people   taking   on   a plot   and   then   finding   they   do   not   have   the   time .   See   also   the   excellent   advice   on the “ All about Allotments” website   (opens in new tab). How long will it take to get allocated a plot? On Average - 6 months How much will it cost? Current Charges are:  Small Plot £36.00, Medium £49.00, Large £62.00 per year (1 Oct - 30 Sep) The   initial   rental   is   charged   pro-rata.      In   addition   you   will   be   asked   to   pay   a   one off   charge   for   either   a   whole   shed   (£30.00)   or   a   shared   shed   (£15.00)   and   a yearly subscription of £3.00 to the National Allotment Society(NAS). We always start new tenants on small plots . NOTE:   Bower Ashton   refers   to   the   specific   Bower Ashton   allotment   site,   not   the area of Bower Ashton which contains some of our other sites. The location of Bower Ashton can be found here on the
Bristol City Council website.. The location of White City can be found here on the
Bristol City Council website
We regret that we are not accepting any new applications at present