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INFORMATION FOR PLOT APPLICANTS Some important points about applying for one of our allotments. 1. We can only allocate plots to Bristol City Council Tax payers. Regretably we cannot accept applications from outside this area. 2. Cultivating an allotment plot will mean hard work, at least initially. Unless you’re very lucky, most plots on takeover will inevitably look a bit like a small jungle. The secret is to work the plot a little and often. Almost every week of the year. 3. You   must   be   prepared   to   commit,   on   average   over   the   year,   5   to   6   hours   a   week, preferably more. So, before applying, please ask yourself "Have I got the spare time and commitment?". 4. How much will it cost? Charges currently are: Small Plot £40.00, Medium £53.00, Large £70.00 per year (1 Oct - 30 Sep). That’s about 77p per week for a small plot and we nearly always start new tenants on a small plot. The initial rental is charged pro-rata. In addition you will be asked to pay a one off charge for either a whole shed (£30.00) or a shared shed (£15.00) and a yearly subscription of £3.00 to the National Allotment Society(NAS). 5. How long will I have to wait to get a plot? Most of our sites have a slow turnover, so you may find yourself waiting up to 30 months or more*. If you have been waiting for more than one year, you will receive an email from us asking you to confirm that you are still interested in getting a plot. The email will come from so please put this email address in your address book. There is more information on the application form. 6. Important Notes: The allotment acts as reflected in our tenancy agreement means that you cannot use your allotment for commercial means, i.e. selling on veg/herbs and other produce etc. (Tenancy Agreement 2nd Schedule Clause 2) The tenancy agreement is for one person only (the plot holder). We do not offer joint ownership of a plot. *If you don’t want to wait, there are plenty of Council allotment plots available now at various sites throughout the City. See the Council “Apply for a plot” page.
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